Possible to force a qr code scan of ref list

Hi All,

Is it possible to force a scan of a QR code apposed to allowing user selection?
Type is a Scannable ref. As of right now users can still select a different machine without scanning the machine itself, we would like to eliminate this.

See image.

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I know of no way you could force this type of functionality.

You can make the scanner appear right away, then you could hide the field after it’s got a value… but if they canceled the scanner, they’d be able to select anything like normal.


hmm, yeah I have advance forms automatically right now, ok thanks.
I think Ill have to make a separate empty text column just for scanning, than hide the field once it has been populated if it is valid and show this once based on that one. still an incentive to scan instead off type the machine QR code.

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Today I was looking for something similar to what you asked, after trying for a while I discovered the following, in my case I have a form, where I ask to enter the serial number, but only that allows entry by scanning, what I did is the following:

  1. Show only the field to be scanned

2. Once you capture it, hide it and show all others

  1. Disable the option “Allow scan input override”


and that’s it, so they can’t see the other values ​​of the drop-down

I hope it helps you!