Possible to make a favorites list app?


I would like to make an app that does the following:

Database example would be simple - let’s take dog breeds for an example

Table might have data such as

Dog breed name
Link to image of dog breed
Favorite (on/off)

The resulting app would simply show a picture of the dog breed along with dog breed name and then an option to click a heart or star icon to favorite/unfavorite it.

Question: Is it possible to create this app and have the favorites selected be unique for each user?

Hope this question makes sense - if not, let me know and will elaborate further :slight_smile:

There are a couple of ways to do this. Most applicable option might be having an enumlist column where you collect the useremails who had changed a particular column’s value as a list of comma separated values and then create a slice of this table with an expression like:

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This method functions well, with the addition of our new “Add a row feature through an action” that may open up better more robust possibilities. Check out this lengthy discussion.

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