Possible to use Usersettings to save a Signature?

Is it possible to use Usersettings to store an users personal signature?

I wish to create an inspection form for users to fill, and with a click or upon saving, the signature will automatically be shown and saved.

I tried to change one of the usersettings field to Signature. When I test the app and tried saving a signature, I went back to usersettings to check but only found that all inputted usersettings were gone for some reason.

I’m afraid it’s not possible at this moment. It will be in a future but we don’t have any timeline for that yet.

Having same issue - creating a table to store uintil this is resolved…thanks, matt

Saving the user config is important. I have to let the user to set his country/language but can’t save it. Now I have to create all the plumbing for this.

What do you mean by this?

Crete the app user table and fields to store users signature so that the same field can be used in anywhere you want, using deref technique.

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In the App designer, there is a built-in table for user settings (I didn’t change the columns, they were there) :

Use can access it via Settings and can select his language:

There is save button. But when user goes back i.e. another session, it is not selected anymore.

I’m curious what you mean by, “another session”. User settings only persist for the same user on the same device; if a different user logs into the app on the same device, or if the user uses a different device, the user settings will not persist. Might this explain the behavior you’re getting?

Hi again,

Another session = log out/log in from the app. I’m testing on my phone. The app detects I’m French-Canadian on my phone (i.e. I use USERLOCALE())). But if I use the settings of the App (upper screen shot), I select English and save it. Every thing now works in English until I log out/log in again. When I go back in settings, no language is selected and I"m back to French.

I’m unsure if this related to the ‘free plan’ I’m using to evaluate Appsheet.

Not a big deal on a personal phone. But annoying for web browser in Québec, Canada. People&corporation here have a tendency to mix & match their OS & software with both French & English Canadian.

Thanks for your help.

PS Annuler = Cancel, Sauver = Save

Yep, that’s the problem. Every logout/login cycle will reset the user settings.

It is unrelated.