Post data from webcall JSON string

Hey all,

I’m wanting to get data from openweathermap api or similar web services and use a webhook / Appsheets api to record the weather based upon user input timestamps and lat/long.

Openweathermap makes this easy, and returns a variety of formats (json, etc) based upon a preformatted HTML string. For example:

Is it possible to retrieve/read this json string in appsheet natively? Do I need to lean on an external service (Zapier) to perform this integration? I would like to avoid that if possible.

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It requires an HTTP GET process, which is currently not active but I know that it’s @Phil’s pipeline. When HTTP GET is activated you can read data from external REST API sources via webhook workflow.

Thats good news. @Phil would you be able to give an indication on the timeline of such a feature?

@LeventK in the meantime, I understand I could use the zapier service to achieve my goals? Would the following flow be possible:

  1. A record is added to a table via AppSheet
  2. Appsheet workflow sends a webhook to Zapier with the record id
  3. Zapier recieves webhook, performs HTTP GET to openweathermap
  4. Zapier does HTTP POST of weather data to the appsheet record


I’m not aware how openweathermap API works. I will check their REST API doc and get back to you under this post.

We aspire to do it, but there is no schedule for it at this time.