Post Scan Dynamic Expressions For Custom Data Insertion

(Grant Stead) #1

When we mark a field as scannable, it could have a dynamic flask, just like show_if, so that we could put an expression in for what value we want to return using like a lookup.

Foreign Key Setup:
Ideally you could have a dropdown REF to your list of ASSETS so the user could choose an asset by searching, etc. However, if they want to scan an asset, it would be good if we could define some sort of post scan LOOKUP expressions. i.e. Tap scan, then scan the foreign key, then lookup and insert the actual asset key into that REF field. This makes it so that the user can find assets that may not have a foreign key, It also makes it so the user can use the same form if they’re in the office, or not right in front of the physical asset. And it also let’s them correct mistakes.


  • ASSET table
  • TAGREG table - Registering foreign keys to their associated asset. allows multiples per asset.
  • JOBASSET table - Assigning an asset to a job.

I like to utilize foreign keys for my data matrix tagging of physical elements. This allows me to add a vehicle to the ASSET table, and then pair a pre-printed unique data matrix tag with that asset in the TAGREG table. This does a couple of things, it allows multiple data matrix tags to represent one item for quick look-ups, and it allows the end users to apply and assign tags on the fly without having to print that specific records unique data matrix code.