PostgreSQL vs Google Drive & Google Sheets


I’m seeking for your recommendation what type of data source should I get? For example, in 2 years the company will produce 50, 000 rows for 50 out of 100 tables.

  1. Which data source would fit to get cheaper costs in the long run?
  2. Does syncing the data in PostgreSQL has advantage over syncing the data in Google Sheets?

Thank you in advance for your insights :slight_smile:

Hi June, is this 50.000 rows a total amount in the app or 50.000 rows per table?

50, 000 rows per table :slight_smile:

Not Google Sheets. :slight_smile:

You should also think about the app structure. Even you are using SQL, your table amount is very big and it would be better idea to think about bunch of smaller apps and then connect them together with app launcher.

Hello Aleksi-

For example, I’m creating an app for:

  1. HR Dept
  2. Warehouse Dept
  3. Purchasing Dept

You mean I have to create an app for each department and connect it by making an app launcher, than making it on just one app? What are the other differences between the two approaches?

Thanks in advance :blush:

If you try to create an app with 100 tables, it might work but the sync time will be something else than just few seconds for sure. If you don’t have lot of relationships between these tables, its much better to create bunch of small apps which are light and easy to use. I would say the difference is coming from the user experience.


This makes sense. Thank you for your insight Aleksi! :slight_smile: