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(Multi Tech Visions) #1

@praveen is it possible to launch an external app via an appsheet link?

I know this was asked many months ago and the answer was no; don’t know if any of the more recent updates would allow it now or not.


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I believe that’s not possible yet.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

My impression is that you can do it if it is an app intent. Adding @Gil_Littman_AppSheet to clarify

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Yes that’s true if you use Appsheet’s account. If you create your own Twilio account, you can send SMS messages outside of US and Canada.

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #5

@Mark_Tuckey If you just want to open the default sms app with some pre-entered text you can just use the “start a text message” action.

(Mark Tuckey) #6

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet cool that is exactly what I was looking for. Didn’t realize that ability was there. Thanks.

(Mark Tuckey) #7

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet Just one more question which is kind of related.

If I wanted to create an action that went directly to the default navigation app with one click instead of having to go to a maps view first and then clicking on the car icon to navigate. Would I need to use the URL link you mentioned or is there another way?

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@Mark_Tuckey You can find out more about google maps URLs and the magic you can accomplish with them here: developers.google.com - Developer Guide | Maps URLs | Google Developers Developer Guide | Maps URLs | Google Developers developers.google.com

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cl.ly - Image 2018-12-04 at 7.28.12 AM.png Image 2018-12-04 at 7.28.12 AM.png cl.ly

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #10

@Mark_Tuckey Right now there’s no built in way to start navigation without going through the map. Like @MultiTech_Visions mentioned, you can add this capability by yourself using an open Url action.

(Mark Tuckey) #11

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet @MultiTech_Visions

Thanks guys that information was gold works perfectly.

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #12

@MultiTech_Visions It’s possible in some cases: Some apps have a custom URL scheme that can be used to launch them.

For example:

Opening this url whatsapp://send?text=Hello%2C%20World! will launch whatsapp (if installed on the device) with a text message “Hello World!”. If an app has such scheme, you can probably find it in the app’s documentation.

In Android, some apps will expect you to use an Intent to launch them. You can read more about this here: developer.chrome.com - Android Intents with Chrome - Google Chrome Android Intents with Chrome - Google Chrome developer.chrome.com

(Multi Tech Visions) #13

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet many thanks.

(Aleksi Alkio) #14

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet And one new thing learned :slight_smile:

(Mark Tuckey) #15

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet if I understand this right, could you use this method like in your example to open the default sms app on your device to send a pre-scripted message eg. "Hi [customer

name], your order is now being processed." Sent to [customer phone]?

As I am outside the USA I can’t use the current workflow system to send a SMS and am looking for a work around.

(Aleksi Alkio) #16

@Mark_Tuckey You can create your own Twilio account and then send your SMS messages from there with the Workflow.

(Mark Tuckey) #17

@Aleksi_Alkio not if you live outside the USA.

(Aleksi Alkio) #18

Please check this article or are you saying that you are not able to have a Twilio account in your country? help.appsheet.com - Sending SMS from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report Sending SMS from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report help.appsheet.com

(Mark Tuckey) #19

@Aleksi_Alkio if you read half way down in the link you posted you will read.

3.You can send SMS messages to phone numbers located in the United States and Canada.

None of the phone numbers I want to send an SMS to are located in the USA or Canada. But thanks anyway.