Pre-populate a form with Slice data


I have a table “Technology” and have created a slice “Datastore” with a filter [Capability]=“Datastore” on column “Technology”. I then create a Detail view with data from the slice “Datastore”.

When adding a new record, the system brings out a form based on the sequence defined in the “Datastore” slice. Is there a way to pre-populate the [Capability] column with the value “Datastore”, since this is the intension of the user to add a new row with the “Datastore” capability?

Hope my question make sense.



What I can think of is to display the Datastore in the Initial Value of the [Capability] column for the Datastore_Form View that will be generated.

For example, you can set the Initial Value as follows

IFS(CONTEXT(VIEW)="Datastore_Form", "Datastore")

Please refer to the following screenshot for the setting part


Hi, Takuya_Miyai, thank you for your reply.
CONTEXT(VIEW) doesn’t seem to return the name of the slice form as expected (return empty string). I tried context(table), that returns the table name.

I wonder why…

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