Pre populate new form in dropdown list

(fabio pedone) #1

Hi, i have a table1 that refers to table2 in a column type ref , with dropdown view.
if i ned to “add” new row ( es new customers) directly from this view in dropdown menu, and populate some rows depending from current choose in table 1, how i can do it ? i know how works the linktoform, but in this case , i want to do it from “New” action in dropdown menu

(Steve Coile) #3

This isn’t directly possible, and would take a great deal of effort to do indirectly (if it’s even possible).

(fabio pedone) #4

i 'm trying whit this formula in the coloumn that i want to populate
if(isnotblank(text(top([Related Table1],1))),“Myvalue1”,“Myvalue2”) and seems working
the new row has the related table empty, but if i add new rows from the drop menu, the related table is present, even if the row is empty