Pre-selected interactive dashboard view via expression

We have a LINKTOROW() expression that we can use to direct the user to a specific detail view of a specific record.

I’d like to see a way to direct a user to an interactive dashboard view, with a specific record already having been selected.

I propose an easy way to solve this problem is to add an optional third argument to the LINKTOROW() expression where we can specify the name of the dashboard view.

Similarly, it would be nice to be able to LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() of a dashboard.

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Good thought, that might actually be a better expression to add the optional extra argument into.

Agree! I’m super interested in this functionality! Here I’ve got a production planning tool (Dashboard 1):

When you click on a project you should be redirected to another interactive dashboard with the selected project details row.

So the second dashboard consist of:

  1. Project detail view
  2. Related to project detail Production cycles inline view
  3. related to Production cycles, Cycle details view.

I would really love to make it work like that. Unfortunately it’s not possible now.

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It is possible if you believe hard enough, and know enough workarounds. If you have a dashboard that is based on all filtered slices you can make your “Select a Project” action a grouped action that adds a new row to a table that would filter slices for your second dashboard and a navigation action to go to the second dashboard. This would give you a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() like action for dashboards.

Basically you perform the automated actions performed by the clicking of a row in an interactive dashboard with actions. Requires alot of bloat and many slices, actions, and knowledge of how to combine everything into 1 package.

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True, I already went it through. It might be the right solution for a small app. However, when we’re talking about some more advanced solutions with hundreds and thousands of rows and relations and lots of different views and actions, it is crucial to not forget about the app performance. I can imagine, this workaround in the nearest future would lead to:

  1. or around 50 items to sync whenever you select a project.
  2. or filter everything using slices where every referencing table is filtered comparing its values with the parent table row’s values, which leads to efficiency loss and long loading times.
  3. and a mess in actions and slices.

So lets vote this post up together and get an efficient solution like LINKTOROW() supported on the backend level. :yum:

As far as performance has gone for myself this method has never led to a downgrade in performance due to slice filtering being handled all locally and “instantly”. It does require you do to some tinkering though as some formulas will and wont instantly update themselves based on this method. Very labor intensive solution that could be solved by this feature. I voted yes. Hopefully it matters. Probably wont.
It is a post from 2019 :man_shrugging:

Not sure how but I can Vote now. Voted. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A deep link into a dashboard should be supported. There’s another feature request here also asking for the same thing.

Yes, we’ll find a way to do this. The dashboard view is scheduled for some enhancements anyway. Will roll this in with those changes.