Predictive model for inventory


I am trying to create a predictive model for inventory managment, I need to calculate future demand for each product. Any suggestions or videos with some examples about inventory managment?

Thank you

Hi @nataliapaz I do not think there are any sample apps for this. Your best bet would be to try yourself using your data and app and check back with any questions. Not knowing your app or what you wish to predict it’s pretty impossible to supply any samples.


@nataliapaz Can you say more about what kind of data you have in your app that you can use to make this prediction? Thanks.

I’ve done something similar already for an app I built for a restaurant. We used a bit of a simpler model where we would track when an item would be used. We then took the average of the usage over 1 day, 7 days, 14 days and 30 days. after a month it gave us a good idea of product usage and we were able to decide at what intervals we wanted products to be ordered or at least notify us of potential low inventory. we used the daily average to predict when that inventory would run out and cross referenced that with how long it took to order the product. It’s been working well so far.


@Jessy_Mrozowski That sounds cool. Is this something you made in an AppSheet app?

yeah it was all done inside of app sheet