Predictive model: no Output?


I am trying to create my very first predictive model. the goal is to automatically categorize bank transactions based on a manual categorization that I did myself for approx. 600 data entries.

I uploaded the training data for the predictive model and then added a virtual column to the actual list of transactions. However, the virtual columns doesnt return the categories.

Anyone that can help?

Welcome to the community @Dennis_Mensen

As a matter of getting started, might I suggest you take a look at this post:

To answer your question; couldn’t you just turn on the feature in your predictive model to have AppSheet automatically create a perdition column for you?


thank you for your quick answer. no I tried that as well but its not doing anything.

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So I know that the output of a predictive model takes a few seconds to process when you’re inside a form, but I would think that this virtual column would be computed during sync.

I think you might have run into some kind of a bug maybe… That, or your predictive model can’t come up with an output. Like it just can’t make a decision with a high enough approval rating or whatever.