Prepolutating a Virtual Column

I’m trying to prepopulate a virtual column with the type of List which is referenced to another table containing the list of records.
Is there a way I can do this?
Note that as a reference list, the App Formula already has REF_ROWS expression.
How can I set the pre-population / initial value for the column I am working on?

Can you please clarify your issue? I don’t think that I have understood it clearly.
Btw, worth checking below pages:

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Hi @LeventK!

This is my table 1: Contract Creation with a virtual column.

This is my table 2: in which the first table is referring to.

I am trying to prepopulate the inline form of sequence (table 2) in this form:

So far what I can do is having an Initial value when you click ADD.
What I would like to happen is to prepopulate this inline form with values when the form loads (without clicking the ADD button).

What you are using is a reverse reference (a ref with isPartOf property set to ON) and unfortunately you can’t do that

@LeventK is there any workaround that you might suggest?

If the list you want to display in that inline is fixed, rather than REF_ROWS, you can use the SELECT formula to retrieve that data.