Preserving Filenames


The fact that files are automatically renamed when uploaded through appsheet is hugely disruptive and I don’t understand why it was ever implemented. I understand that filenames have to be unique, however, this could be resolved by having a separate ‘alias’ id column or even just preserving the original filename but adding a unique ID to the end of the filename. For example, I have users uploading documents that need to be reviewed by other users and the filename is indicative of the documents contents.

Also, it’d be great if there was an option to add the filename to the column AND the corresponding Drive link to a separate column. Thanks!

Right! I think it would be awesome to keep the exif data intact and accessible. Maybe an EXIFDATA() expression with different arguments.


YES!!! Huge vote for an EXIFDATA() feature. This would also be amazing with the OCR feature for photos.

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