Preserving line breaks on external report templates from LongText fields

I consulted related threads and spent significant time on this, but am still stuck. I have a table named Reports with a field ExtraNotes (type LongText). Users of my app can edit this field and the text they enter will include line breaks. I have a Google Docs report template that uses this field, with the template assigned to both Body and Attachment (PDF) in a workflow action. When I simply embed the field like this in the template…


…the PDF contains the line breaks as desired, but the email body does not and the text just appears as a continuous line/paragraph. (Tested in Hotmail client, O365 web client, and Outlook client.)

As a workaround, I added a virtual column ExtraNotesList (type List) that gets its value via SPLIT on the original field. In the report template, I then use 100+ lines like…

<<If:COUNT([ExtraNotesList]) >= 1>>│ <<INDEX([ExtraNotesList], 1)>><>
<<If:COUNT([ExtraNotesList]) >= 2>>│ <<INDEX([ExtraNotesList], 2)>><>

<<If:COUNT([ExtraNotesList]) >= 150>>│ <<INDEX([ExtraNotesList], 150)>><>

This workaround works … but it’s ugly, I have to extend it periodically when users complain their text is cutting off, and there’s human error in those updates to copy/paste new lines and adjust line numbers.

Is there a better way?

Thank you.

Here are the related threads I consulted:

Bumping this in hopes of a breakthrough from someone.