Prevent Blank Reports Sending

Is it possible to prevent a blank template from sending out a scheduled report

i.e. if nothing is currently matching those conditions within the template can the report be stopped by putting the same formula from the template into the workflow/report condition??

Hello @Sarah_Keown, you could do that using the workflows condition for sure, but i don’t think there’s a way to stop appsheet from sending the mail in any way from within the workflow template creation itself.

If the condition can be evaluated from within the same table that runs the workflow, then the same expression would work perfectly for both.


The reports I’m trying to prevent are scheduled at 8am everyday, there is quite a number of them so I thought the blank ones could have been prevented to avoid users getting unnecessary emails.

They are for the entire table i.e. one single report, and therefore the condition won’t allow column values. So I can’t bring in the workflow template expression.


What is your definition of blank report?
A row contain the serious of blank fields or something?


I have found this is appearing in templates that dont have any content but I haven’t been able to successfully use it as a condition

In this current example, the report compiles a list of all the current site invoice queries. If there are no queries that have been processed on the app I don’t want the email to go out

On your table, you generate VC to test if each row is “blank” or not based on your own definition.
If the validation result for that parcicular row is TRUE, then you dont want to send report on that row, right?

Then you create a slice to rule out the those row with TRUE value. You construct REPORT against that slice.


Using slices is probably the best option. I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

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Yes, let the slice to kick out the rows you dont want to apply Report.