Prevent Duplicate Names in two different columns


I am creating a travel request app, where users can request for travel from the authority in an organization. My form has two columns being [Name] with type Name and another column [Other Travellers] with type Enum List with addition.

The [Name] will be the name of the person who is traveling and [Other Travellers] will have the name of the people traveling with him to the same destination. I am trying to make a filter so that the input in [Name] can not be included in the [Other Travellers] or vice versa. If the same name is entered in [Name]and [Other Travellers], it should throw an error.

Please help me on this.

Hi @pendu_jaat,

If it is for the same record that you are trying to prevent duplocation of names in two different columns as you have described , then in general, you may have an expression something like below in the Valid_if constraint of both the columns [Name] and [Other Travellers]

NOT(IN([Name],[Other Travellers]))


You may also also refer following help articles , just in case you have yet to refer these


Thank You very much. SOLVED!