Prevent or warn when different users are editing the same row on the same time

Hi appsheet community,

On monday we will work with many users to capture data in a table.
When a user registers his inputs, but is not syncing immediately. Other users can’t see his inputs, what could cause double work or someone who’s deleting others their work.

Is there a way how I can disable to edit the row where an other user is currently editing on?
Or can I make a show column to warn that an other collegue is working on that row?


Unfortunately there’s no robust way to provide that kinda warning because you can never know.

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I’ve tried with a virtual show column to put up a warning:

From the moment the first column has an entry that it would trigger this virtual show column to show for all off the users.
But it seems only to show for the others when the row has been registered.

Thx a lot …

As @LeventK described, it’s not possible. Have you thought to use Parent & Child structure where the parent is the main record and all user would add a child record. Then you would not be in that situation.

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Hi Aleksi … thx for that suggestion.
I haven’t thought about that.
Is there an article that could give me some insight in the parent & child stucture?

Thx a lot,

What you want is not possible with AppSheet.

With AppSheet, each user’s device has its own copy of the data. When the user makes changes, those changes are made against the copy of the data that exists on their device. When the device syncs, changes made to the device copy are shared with AppSheet servers, which then makes those changes available to other users. But even then, other users won’t see those changes until they also sync, which pulls those changes down into the device copy.

The following doc discusses the process in more detail:

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