Prevent return to first record in slideshow

Hi AppSheeters,

I’m having an issue with a slideshow on a dashboard navigating away from the current record when an edit is made.

I have a detail view on a dashboard with the slideshow setting checked and would like users to navigate through the records and update a value in each. I’ve achieved this edit either by using a Quick Edit field or by using an Action to set the value of the field in question.

However, whenever the value is changed (by either method) the detail-view-as-slideshow returns to the first record rather than staying on the amended record.

This doesn’t seem to happen when looking at the detail view not via the dashboard.

Is there a simple solution I’m missing, or do I need to look to build some sort of workflow that captures the ‘current’ record when the edit is made and navigates back to that record rather than the beginning of the slideshow?


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I’d call that a dashboard bug. Please contact for help with this.

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