Prevent user close app without sync pending changes

Hi guys,

this is because I have seen (and already reported to appsheet support team) when users upload some files and they close the browser without finishing the Sync:

this is the error for the “uploaded” file:

so, not sure if you cna help me with any suggestions about how can I prevent this error, or maybe something to avoid the users to close the browser tab of the App if there is any pending change to sync…

Not possible.

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Got it… but is there some workaround to prevent users of closing the browser if there is any pending changes to sync? Like Gmail do it right now for instance, that if it detects your are writting an email and you try to close the browser, it alerts you…

Nope, and the changes will just sit there until they open it back up on that same device. Probably could make this a feature request.

The technical work around is having it sync after every change which is annoying or you can force syncs on form saves to mitigate the issue.