"Preview App as" Expression Testing

I apologize if this was answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find a discrete answer. Does the “Preview App as” feature not propagate into expression testing? I ask because the expression test values and values actually shown in a given view do not match when emulating a user.

This is the output of the expression with me emulating another user per “Preview App as”; however, this is showing the information related to my current useremail.

And here is the output of the emulated user showing the correct data related to that user’s account:


Try to refresh the editor page after clicking “apply” for “preview app as”. I maybe remember that working, but if not, then the answer is no.


Thanks, Marc. Yeah, no amount of resyncing or refreshing the client changed anything. It was just a bit of a head scratcher when trying to test out an expression which can be a little frustrating when you don’t want to create a completely different view or “test” virtual columns to debug.

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