"Preview As" suggestion

I hadn’t edited any apps in the last few weeks and in that time, the “Preview As” feature has been introduced.

How exactly is this supposed to function? It seems I incorrectly assumed, it would show the app editor a preview of the app as the user who’s email address is entered, essentially applying any filter where USEREMAIL() is used. I also assumed that this would pick up the ‘Preview As’ user’s USERROLE also.

Many of the filter or security expressions I use with our apps will include both USEREMAIL as well as USERROLE, i.e. prevent the user from using this function or seeing this data unless their USEREMAIL()=user@email.com or their USERROLE=Admin.

Anywhere the USERROLE=Admin is used, the app recognizes me as the admin and shows all the functions that should be hidden from the user I am previewing the app as. I would like to suggest that the “Preview As” feature also look at the USERROLE in addition to USEREMAIL of the user that is being previewed.

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@Michael right now this feature focuses on previewing app data based on app slice settings (ideal for testing USEREMAIL() conditions in slices) but the goal is to have it ultimately preview other settings like user roles.

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@Peter ,

Excuse my ignorance but, it ‘seems’ like it would be a simple matter to have the emulator look to the USEREMAIL & USERROLE of the email address entered in the ‘Preview As’ first, and then continue to look elsewhere throughout the app. But, if it were that simple, surely AppSheet would have implemented it in such a way, correct?