Preview PDF populated with info from Appsheet

I use the appsheet platform to create Bills at the clients home. This is done through a Google App Script running in the background of the sheet. Is there a way to have appsheet preview the Bill. Attached is an example of the PDF. My guess is we could fill in the data from the PDF through some sort of view? Please help! :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning:

Yes. I currently generate estimates and invoices through AppSheet using a template. They are saved in Google and then I have created a mechanism in the app to list these files and allow viewing of the saved PDF file.

It sounds like you already are creating the PDF files. So if you are simply interested in the capability of listing and previewing these files from an AppSheet app you can review this post below. I opened it to get ideas first and then I shared my solution towards the end. It works very well. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions

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