Preview Program for new app features

We’re rolling out a Preview Program, where AppSheet app creators can with the flip of a toggle try out new app features that are not yet fully supported.

You decide whether and when to enable these features, and for which application. This lets you test them more safely as you can turn this on in a test app and only that one. At any time, you can disable them.

Note however that when enabled on an application, all its users will see the new features, not just the app creator.

Our goal with this is

  • You’ll be able to test these features at your leisure and without disrupting your operations
  • We still get the feedback we need from you to improve and fix them
  • You get these features in a stable state when they reach general availability.

How does it work?
To enable/disable these new features in a given application, follow these simple steps:

We’ll be making community announcements about the features that enter the Preview Program. Please leave us feedback and report issues on the conversation thread corresponding to each feature. Please do not leave feedback or issues in this thread. However, feel free to give us feedback on this Preview Program below.

So what’s next?
Well, we’re starting with two features: filters and variable column width in table views. [links invalid until I create the corresponding threads.]

We’ll be editing this post and the FAQ below if there are additional questions.


How do I know which features are available in the program?
We’ll update the Feature Release Notes to reflect what gets in & out of Preview.

How long will the features be in the Preview Program?
There is no set duration at this point. That will depend on the complexity of the feature and on the feedback we get. A more complex feature will probably remain in Preview longer.

How do features transition from the Preview Program to General Availability?
Once a feature is ready, we’ll roll it out progressively to everyone. When your account becomes part of the rollout, the feature is available to all the applications you own. At that point, turning off the Preview Program will not turn off the feature.

What if I want to enable only a few of the features?
Currently we don’t support enabling only certain features. It’s all or nothing.

Will all new features go through the Preview Program?
No. This is currently only possible with features that run on the device, not with the ones that run in our servers.

How is this handled for stable vs latest versions of the app?
The preview features will become available in both the stable and the latest versions.





How is this handled for stable vs latest versions of the app?

Can I have a stable version without the preview, then toggle preview on and see the previews in the latest app version without the stable users seeing the changes?

Hi @Grant_Stead
No, the preview features will become available in both the stable and the latest versions.
We recommend you enable it on test applications, not production ones. To test the impact on existing apps that are in production, I’d make a copy and enable the Preview Program on the copy.

I’ll add this to the FAQ.


Thanks Arthur… Generally I would consider any app specific config to be subject to the stable/latest situation… Now I’m wondering what else is static… hehehee…

Guys would love to get the new update :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t know of any other.

Hi @Peter_Yates
I’m not sure what you mean, it’s up to you to turn on the Preview features in your app.
Or are you asking when we’ll be adding new features to test in the Preview Program?

Will the preview features definitely be released, or is there a risk that they won’t be fully supported at some stage? We have an embargo on any beta options as we don’t want to roll out something and then have it not available.

Hi @Arthur_Rallu

I’m also wondering what will happen to features that have been in Beta for a long time.
Although they don’t seem to be related to this feature, are Quick Edit in Table View and Swipe Action in Deck View subject to the Preview program?



Great features,

any news about details and form width for desktop users?
I got the new UI today; it’s cool the boxed filed thing but the view is really narrow


Tuyệt vời!