Previous View Action Gone?

Did the “Return To Previous View” action just disappear? or am I just crazy? My app suddenly quit returning to the previous view, and just dumps out to a different view all of the sudden. When I went to look at the action, “Return to previous view” isn’t even on the list. Now, selected is “go to another view within this app”, with a LINKTOPARENTVIEW() which isn’t doing what I need it to… Anybody else experiencing this?

I am not seeing the “Return to previous view” option any longer either.

What is the function doing?

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@Brandt_Litton You are correct. The “Return to Previous View” action type was replaced with a LINKTOPARENTVIEW() expression function, which can be used from a “Go to another view within this app” to achieve the same functionality. We automatically migrated all users to use the new function.

See July 19, 2021 for more info.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and would be happy to help. Could you elaborate on the behavior you are experiencing and how that differs from what you expect?

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