Price Comparison App

Hi, I am trying to make a price comparison app. Do any of you guys know how to make one?

Where would the prices be?

the prices would be in a data sheet. The owner of the shops would give us access to there inventory data sheet.

And what do you want to compare to?

So the owner will give you a spreadsheet with

Product / Price 1.

Where is Price 2 that you need to compare Price 1 with?

Ok, So the overview of the app is as follows. First you open the app, then you go to the grocery list area and input your grocery list based on pictures etc. So after you input your list I want the app to maybe use API’s to scan through the multiple shops and find which shop will provide you with the groceries you want for the cheapest price. That is the bare minimum. The app would also have filters such as location, quality, or whether they have delivery. So answering to your question, we will be given inventory sheets from multiple shops then we will compare the prices, quality etc.

Beyond my skills.

@Steve, @Suvrutt_Gurjar, @LeventK

That can be done but it will need a lot of tricks, VCs possibly. But basically doable. You need to have a full command of AppSheet’s expressions regarding the lists, index, lookup, select etc. Hope you don’t further ask “how to do it” :slight_smile:You need to make your hands dirty here. Or hire a developer/AppSheet Partner instead.