Pricing for family app

I would like to build an app that everyone in my family can use. There are 8 of us that would log in with our different emails. Does this mean that we would have to pay $40 a month? Or are we ok to use it as long as we have less then 10?

Hi @newAppuser

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Short answer : yes

Long answer : it actually depends on your use case.

  • this is for personal use only
  • you are willing to remain with less than 10 users
  • you don’t need specific features such as barcode scanning, accurate geolocation, advanced bots…

Then you probably don’t need to use a pricing plan.

If you require more, then you will need to use a pricing plan according to the features you may need :slight_smile:
These are listed here, for reference:


By the way, if you set your App for personal use only. Only one person can use it.

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I don’t think the use case matters for apps that aren’t deployed. I think as long as your app isn’t deployed you can have up to 10 users for free.