Pricing for iframe and normal apps

Hi, I am developing an app to capture orders and the status. The app will be used by 2 field users to input orders for new packages that they receive. It has been tested to be working fine for now.

Now I also want my customers to be able to input tracking code and show the status of their orders. I don’t want them to download an app just for that, so I want them to input the tracking code in website. I am looking at several alternatives and one of them is I am planning to do this by embeding a simple appsheet app using iframe. The app will be a simple app with search and display the data.

Now my question is it possible to do that? I mean creating simple app just to search and show the result. And what will be the pricing used? I read other discussion and the pricing for embeding appsheet with iframe will be publisher pro? Now how about for the app used by 2 fields users to capture data? Does it mean I have to use publisher pro plan and also another 2 seperate licenses (I think $5/mo) ?. Or everything is included in publisher pro plan?

I do not believe the pricing of an appsheet app depends on whether it has been embedded in iFrame on a website or not.

FYI, the app can run in the browser as a standalone app. So if you are creating the iFrame solely to gain access to the app, it may not be necessary. But you can certainly do that, Many AppSheet developers do embed the app into an iFrame to enhance their web pages.

The AppSheet app has an analysis tool built in that will tell you the plan requirements based on the features you have included in the app.

To use this tool, go to the Manage pane and choose the Author tab. Plan requirements is at the top, tap it and then tap the “Analyze app features” button.

Thanks, didn’t notice the tool to check my requirements.

My concern is from this though. Since my app will be used by my clients to check the status of their shipment, does Appsheet consider this to require Publisher Pro?. From the definition it seems to be the case.

The Publisher Pro subscription will not work in that case. You will want to apply Security Filters to that version of the app so that your end users only see THEIR information. This will require user sign-in.

If you are just providing view capabilities to the users, you may only need the Premium plan @ $5/month.

The best option is to build out the app and then test which subscription is required.

Lastly, if you expect there to be lots of users, you may want to speak with AppSheet about bulk license options. If you qualify, bulk plans can provide cheaper per user costs.

If you create the app to track orders ala Fedex/UPS style, then a Pub Pro could still work. User can put in a tracking number, and it spits info back out.

Yes this is actually how I planned it to be. Thanks for all the answers, I think I know what subscriptions are required. Publisher pro for public tracking in website and $10/mo for staffs to input data.