Pricing for white label app directly published via iPhone Store

I’ve not been able to get an answer from AppSheet Sales that helps me, so I’m asking the community for help.

My app is nearly done, and I need to settle on the way I’ll publish/sell it. The app is now on the pro secure plan (10$ per user). If I publish it as a standalone white-labeled iPhone app sold via the Apple store, what is AppSheet’s total one-time and monthly price, including any per-user (i.e. per my paying customer) price? And what happens to that pricing if I in addition publish/sell it as an Android app sold via the Android store. Also please confirm that if I stop selling it in the store/s (i.e. now having it run through your mobile app) my app reverts to just normal per-user pricing. Thanks.

Hi @RobertLerner,

The PRO plan supports the ability for an app creator to generate both a .apk file (Android) and a .ipa file (iOS), which can be then used to upload into the app stores for publishing. The pricing [from AppSheet] doesn’t change whether you only go iOS or both–both are supported while subscribing to the PRO plan. What does impact the pricing, is the number of end users, what AppSheet calls Active Users. This is the number that directly correlates to the number of licenses you need for your subscription; as this number increases, you simply increase the number of licenses; if it decreases you have the ability to lower as well.

There is no other cost implications that originate from AppSheet; any other fees are likely those associated from each respective app store.

Hope this helps.



Ryan, fantastic help, fantastic answer. I think my confusion was somehow thinking I remembered way back some type of one-time ($50 or so) charge. Thanks very much.


@RobertLerner You will need to purchase an apple developer license ($99 USD /yr) to deploy applications on the iOS app store.


Thanks Jonathan – I actually was aware of that. That wasn’t the $50 charge I thought I had remembered. Thanks again for your help.

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Hello @Ryan_Bundt_AppSheet, I still didn`t understand how pricing works, could you explain this better for me. I want to invest my time developing an App and I want to profit from it.

Ok so I pay 10$ and I publish a full working APP in play store ( I beleive there is a 25$ fee). Then I want to charge 5$ for the user to acess prime features of the APP, ok?
Do I only still paying 10$/month ? or I will need to pay 10$ extra per new user that downloads it from play store ? because if thats the case its not worth it cause Im in Brazil and people won`t spend 10$ + my profit in an APP.

Please contact for help with this.

Ok Steve. I will do that.

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