Pricing. Hi All, Quite new to App Sheet so...

(Paul B) #1


Hi All,

Quite new to App Sheet so I am not very much familiar with the pricing.

We will be using our App for our undergraduate project. (Are there any promos or discount for undergraduate students?)

Also, we are planning to purchase about 2 Premium users for the Secure App but we’re having a little confusion in this regard. Is one person considered to be a user once he downloads the App into his phone? If we purchase 2 Premium users, does that mean we can only download and use the App on only 2 phones simultaneously?

Thank you!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Paul, please see - App Maker Pricing - AppSheet for an exhaustive FAQ on pricing.

Yes, there is a discount for EDU. App Maker Pricing - AppSheet