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I’ve been trying to get additional information about how the pricing model works. I have seen AppSheet Pricing and have tried to contact the AppSheet sales team twice already, but still have not gotten any responses.

My company is planning to use AppSheet to build out a ToDo list application for our external employees. We were wondering if the cost would be $5 / $10 per end-user who we deploy the app to? Or is the user cost only associated with the admin side?

Since we plan to deploy the app to around 10k-30k users, we just wanted a clear understanding of how much this app would cost us for all of the external employees using it. Thank you!

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@Steve should be able to escalate your sales help request.

For the case of Secure apps (where each user logs in), then yes the cost is per end user. Public apps (not listed on the same pricing page) are a fixed price of $50/month, but provide no logging in or data security.

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Hi Panduh,

Apologies for the delayed response. I’d be happy to help! I wasn’t able to find your contact request, would you be able to send me your email address via email? Alternatively, please email me directly at and I will respond to you right away that way.


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