Pricing model? I just want to make sure I un...

(Michael Gillin) #1

Pricing model?

I just want to make sure I understand what is considered a user and does AppSheet still have a per App fee model as well.

We’ll be using this do a lookup on Google Sheets.

Could be a 1,000 lookups per day but it will only be used by a few people.

I’m hoping we could limit access via password

(Philip Garrett) #2

@Michael Gillin

If you have data you want to protect, you should set the “Require user authentication” option on the Security > Require Sign-In pane.

To require sign in you need to select one of the “Secure App” pricing plans described here

The “Secure App” pricing plans are all priced per user. You control the users by adding them to the whitelist of allowed users.

You can create a many apps as you wish under the “Secure App” pricing plans. There is no per-app fee. App Maker Pricing - AppSheet