Pricing plan needed for partitions and delta sync compatibility

Hello ,

  1. Are table partitions part of Pro pricing plan ?
  2. (thinking about performance) Does delta sync work on partitions too ? When using security filters for a read only table , we get a notification that delta sync will not apply . Is there any performance reason to avoid partitions , and keep two identical apps for two sets of tables ?

Thank you.

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Negative; that feature is listed under the business plan (it says so right on the switch).

I’m thinking it wouldn’t - Delta sync is based off the last edit timestamp from the file… and when you use partitioning, you’re not connecting a single file, instead it’s a weird hybrid of a system with multiple files.
@praveen might be able to shed more light.

Other than having to maintain two separate and identical apps (think about when you make any 1 change to an app - now that’s got to be duplicated)… if anything, partitions are going to help speed up your app because data will be natively split up instead of inside a single large source.


Actually , I already splited up the tables in separate sources,with two identical apps. It’s just hard work to update both. The tables are identical in structure only, and read only.

Thank you very much

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