Pricing plans for educational apps?

I have been trying to reach out to the sales team but keep getting ignored.
I ask one simple thing: What are the pricing plans for educational apps?

Educational plans have 50% off from the regular prices AFAIK. You can send an email directly to

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I have been trying to reach out for the past week. What do I do next?

No one can answer you in the community better than the sales representatives. You can send an email directly to if you want who is the VP of sales.

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HI @badm,
I believe @JCadence has responded to all your thread and sent you follow up email too. Can you confirm whether you received these email? Could they have gone to a Spam folder possibly?

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I have not received the email. I have checked the spam and everywhere else. Please let’s sort this issue. It’s really frustrating.

Thanks for clarifying. I just emailed you directly, so please let me know if you do not receive my email (you can reach me directly at Looking forward to connecting with you and helping to support.