Pricing Plans: Publisher Pro Need a little ...

(Mary Jane Pender) #1

Pricing Plans:

Publisher Pro

Need a little guidance on what the cost of the Publisher Pro plan would be where I might have 5000 users in the first 2 months.

I get confused by the caveat that this plan requires at least 10 licenses.

So how many Publisher Pro plans do I need for 5000 users?

Thanks, mj

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

… further to this inquiry … how may Publisher Pro licences do I need for 100,000 users?

thanks mj

(Mary Jane Pender) #3


Hi Santiago, could you take a look at my examples above and tell me what the cost of Appsheet licenses would be for say 100,000 users - public plan - using mySQL as the database.

Thanks, mj

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Would you please send an email to