Pricing Question

I have roughly 30 apps deployed currently. I am paying $5 per user for Premium service across all 30 apps. I would like to have Pro level service on 2 or 3 of these 30 apps. Is this possible?

Best to contact directly with your question.

Already have, was hoping for a quicker response here.

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You need to create a separate PRO account and move those 2-3 app there with their licences and remove those app from your premium acc with the users as well.

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Thanks @LeventK I was afraid that’s what the answer was, thank you for your response. That’s too much of an inconvenience for me. I hope AppSheet comes up with a better solution than this as having multiple email addresses and multiple accounts would be a nightmare for me to manage.


When you have several secure applications deployed through your AppSheet account, if you have a user using more than one of these applications, do you pay $5 per user or $5 x (number of applications used by the user)? (eg: If a user uses all 30 of your applications, will you be paying $150 for that one user or just $5)

You can have unlimited number of apps with the exact same user set and each user is allowed to install/login up-to 5 different devices, including the desktop browser. Any additional email to user white-list or any additional login from a 6th device will be counted as an additional licence.

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