Pricing suggestions

I am looking for information, suggestions or examples on how to resell a application created with Appsheet.

I have an opportunity to build an app with AppSheet for a property management company. I am looking for pricing suggestions as it relates to a service model. I am guessing a fixed priced for the app, perhaps 2x the amount per user per month and a hourly rate for changes. I have built standalone apps before but without a monthly or hosting fee.

Tia, Brad

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I just charge an hourly rate for the development work and a little bit over cost price for the licenses.

We’ve tried various models and this is the only one that seems to work. If you attempt any sort of fixed monthly cost the client will just keep asking for more dev work and more knowing its not costing them.

Also IMHO Appsheet is geared towards agile development and not a build-it-once-and-sell-it-a-million-times model. In 5 years we have never been able to get 2 companies to use an identical app, we’d always had to start from scratch.


I believe that they are suggesting that they will own the AppSheet licenses but you are suggesting that the company that you work for owns the AppSheet licenses. If they own the licenses, they will be occurring a monthly cost that they will need recover. I am assuming that they are building it this way because the property management wants a turnkey solution that they do not have to do anything with on managing the AppSheet stuff. I am not providing an answer because I don’t know. I think the answer is different from what is asked.