Primary View displaying results that have value in a column

I have a Primary View with a log of my inventory. How do I only show rows with a value in column “Job Name”

I think I would be using this expression ISNOTBLANK(Inventory[Job Name])

but I am not sure where exactly to place this. I tried UX > Views > Log > Display > Show if

But it didn’t work… so I thought maybe I needed to make a “Slice” … soo I did that, but IDK how to apply it to my view “Log”.

Expression of the form Table[Column] return a List of ALL values in the Column, for the entire Table.

Using a Slice is the correct way to go here. Your expression is close to correct, just remove the Table name.

You select what data the view points at from the UX>View, just select your new slice instead of the base Table.

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Oh wow, I did not know after making a slice it would show up in “for this data” … not sure how I missed that… Thank you once again!

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