PRINT, document directly from the app

It would be real nice to have an option to print the document directly from the app, and not to open a file in google drive and then finding that document and so on.
Like action button print this page, or ctrl+P on PC, something like that, that would generate document directly for printing, from the template that we pre made for that type of document.

The closest what you can do… create an action button and you can trigger the Workflow rule. That will save the pdf into your gDrive. Save the URL link for that pdf into your table… then you can create another action button and you can open that pdf for printing.

Tnx for the update, its sounds a bit complicated to make, and we are not even sure how to make that.
So if you have some spare time it would be nice to explane that to us, if its not to much to ask.

Is there in the future some solution that appsheet is preparing for the users, that would be easier.

Please check the sample app “Parent Workflow” from It doesn’t have action buttons but it shows you how you can open the pdf directly from the app. Create a new parent record (with child records) and then click the file link. You need to wait probably 30…60 seconds before the pdf is generated.