Print form screen data

How to do a search for app data and print results?

Your question is extremely broad. Please follow the advice in this post:


AppSheet has no built-in support for printing.

Any chance we could get it?

There’s a chance, sure. In the foreseeable future? Unlikely.

Or is there a way we can: using the search function to gather data, output that search result for printing elsewhere? I have read the posts about using external print capabilities like print through email (i am experimenting with it) but I still need a way to output the data from a search. So for instance, I search for all of the users that use a certain chair and get the result. How can I export that for printing?

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Hi Marc,

Thank you. I actually spent quite a bit of time reading through in this forum and in the App Sheet help on this subject but did not find the answer I was looking for. Are you aware of anything I missed?



I’ve not tried to do it myself, but the approach I can imagine would be to provide the user a search form where they would enter the search criteria. A slice would use the search form to produce the search results. The user would press a button to trigger a workflow that would produce a report from the search results and either email the report to an internet-connected printer, or save the report to cloud storage that a printer prints from.

This is by no means a trivial thing to setup.

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Thank you!

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Thanks Steve. That is what I am thinking. I actually have a set report in mind that I can build the critera into the workflow to a template and is triggered by an action (button). I just built something similar to use a button to trigger action to build a workflow report which is sent to three addresses.