Print from your apps

Using the Beta Zapier integration, it’s possible to connect your apps to the Google Cloud Print network, allowing you to send print jobs to any Google connected printer.

For example, use AppSheet apps to print name tags at a front desk, or inventory tags from a warehouse printer using label printers like Dymo or Zebra brand. (Create a workflow that sends an email or attached file directly to an email-connected printer, or use Zapier to route the file into a print job).

Sample app: Inventory Label Maker


Do you think it might be able to support printing QR codes in the future?

You can Print QR Codes now itself Correct
We can Create our own QR Codes and we will invoke a webhook to print that QR Code using Cloud Print in Zapier

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I’ve been using this approach to print QR-codes, name tags etc.

Unfortunately the Google Cloud Print will be discontinued so can you recommend a different solution?

Hi @Ville_Valve, we’re sorry that your workflow will eventually have to change because of this - we’re investigating the best alternative printing options and will have recommendations available before Google Cloud Print officially is retired.

For now, the most direct way to print from AppSheet apps is to use the ‘email to print’, if your printer allows for it (many modern HP printers have this available) - simply create an email workflow in your application that points and email or attachment to that printer email.


Or Epson

I am eagerly looking for a new solution! We print 100s of labels a day directly from the app using the Zapier/CloudPrint combo.


Has anyone tried to connect a Zebra ZT230 directly with an App?
Can you use an E-Mail Address to send a PDF directly to the printer like you can do with Epson?

There is something called PDF Direct

And Link-OS Cloud Connect

And Azara Cloud

And POP3 Printing
But I don’t really understand.

Adding @Peter @Fabian_Anguian @Elijah_Magrane @Marc_Dillon

I have only used Google Cloud Print via a Google Apps Script, which I’ve triggered with a webhook workflow from Appsheet. Since Google Cloud Print is apparently going away next year, I’ll be looking for some alternatives.

@Fabian, thanks for the links. I wasn’t sure, are you looking for help?

Hi @Marc_Dillon Yes I’m looking for help :grinning:
My question is, how to connect AppSheet to an Zebra ZT230 Printer without using Google Cloud Print.
Is there a way to address the Printer a specific E-Mail Address like we can do with Epson?

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Hi, possible for dot matrx printer such as epson? i have one connected to the computer.
thanks for the info.

Hi @Siska_Yohana, I’m not aware of a direct method to a printer like that, but you get close by sending workflow PDFs to a specific folder or inbox, then manually send to printer.

I was wondering how do you get the workflow to go to a Zapier email address?

I can only find out how to select the required data within Zapier rather than a template made in Appsheet?

The problem I am having is that QR codes are printing off too small and therefore unreadable.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Peter,
how long does it take until the printer is printing the label?
I mean from the moment you press “Save” and invoke the workflow, until the printer starts to print?
I’m using an Epson printer that has an E-Mail address. I can send the workflow directly to that E-Mail address.
But it takes 35 seconds until the printer starts to print.
Is this normal?

Hi Fabian,
I just tested for you with my machine.
I printed directly from my local computer to my Epson printer, rather than VIA Appsheet.

My watch is telling 1 hours 15 min since I sent email to my printer till printer started to print …

Looks something wrong going on?

Same here.
Today it seems not to work.
On it says:


And if you go to Email Print --> Print Log, it says Status “Received”.

On the FAQ it says “The Epson Connect server may be busy or the print data is huge. It may take some time to process your request. Please wait until your request is completed.”

So let’s wait :slight_smile:

Hi @Fabian, it seems like this variable is with Epson? I’m not familiar with their system or email-to-print latency.

No problem. But my question was not related to Epson.
How long does it take with your App?

I don’t have this one currently setup, but took around 10-15 seconds I believe. It seems like you’re posting about an issue with the Epson server?

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Hi Fabian,

I just tested another shot with my Epson printer. I sent email to printer, and in 10 to 15 SEC, it started to print.
I suppose their server could be re-boosted yesterday or something unusual might happening yesterday. FYG.

cc @Peter