Print to Bluetooth Printer

Is any one guide me how to print a receipt (Like POS Bills or Cash Receipt) to Bluetooth printer. or Can I print “DETAIL VIEW” UX to Printer on Mobile Device


I don’t think you can directly print from the app, but you can use an action to send an email that you can then print. Not direct, but might help?

@Abdul_Qadeer We’re working on more direct ways to print from apps, but @Mike has the best place to start with Workflows. Some more ideas are available here: Print from your apps


Hi. You can first download this receipt to the app on your phone. Then you need to convert it to PDF and give it to print. So it should work. If the printer is configured as needed, then everything will work out without problems. I love these new things with printers and computers. Recently, after reading a review of the top ten printers, I ordered a brand new Epson EcoTank, which has a Wi-Fi system, voice activation and many other cool things. These features make life and work much easier. Most of all, I like the fact that there are no extra wires on which dust would collect.

Please Explain in more detail how you do this directly from the Appsheet App on your phone

As explained in the previous posts in this thread, there is no “direct” way. Appsheet can generate a file through various means, which you can then manually send to the printer.

Have you find a solution for printing ??

No sorry

there is a way butt long way

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Hello Peter I know this post is quite old but just wanted to throw my support for the post, I’d really love to see more native ways of printing or perhaps interfacing with a bluetooth printer for labels etc.

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