PRINTING BARCODE LABELS A week or two back P...

(Mark Krug) #1


A week or two back Peter Dykstra demonstrated on a webinar how to create a printable barcode label by using the website to generate the image. Anybody know more detail on how to do that - perhaps one of the example apps?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Those websites usually give you a URL that generates a barcode or QR code and makes it available online; something like this URL below that the website gave me once I entered “Testing” as data:

Then you can either use that URL directly in your app in an image column type to display in the app, or you can use image() function in Google Sheet to show the image and print a list of them off of spreadsheet.

(Mark Krug) #3

Oh, and this bit of URL… “=“"&[ProductID]&"&code=Code128&multiplebarcodes=false&translate-esc=false&unit=Fit&dpi=96&imagetype=Gif&rotation=0&color=%23000000&bgcolor=%23ffffff&qunit=Mm&quiet=10’ alt='Barcode Generator TEC-IT””…you can get dircetly from the website after setting up your barcode image to be the way you want it.

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(Reza Raoofi) #4

@Mark_Krug you’re welcome! I glad you figured it all out.

(Mark Krug) #5

Thanks @RezaRaoofi you set me on the right path. So for those who may be following in the same footsteps here’s the solution I came up with in the end in more detail. I have a table “Products” with two fields (amongst others) called “ProductID” and “Barcode”. “ProductID” contains an alphanumeric that uniquely identifies a product and “Barcode” is defined as an image type field with an “App formula” of :- =“"&[ProductID]&"&code=Code128&multiplebarcodes=false&translate-esc=false&unit=Fit&dpi=96&imagetype=Gif&rotation=0&color=%23000000&bgcolor=%23ffffff&qunit=Mm&quiet=10’ alt='Barcode Generator TEC-IT” I then set up a workflow with an email attachment template containing a table (3 cols x 8 rows in my case) filling a full A4 page of sticky labels and set the tag in each cell to be <<[Barcode]>>. This creates a full page of 24 identical barcode images which I can stick onto my products.