Printing barcodes

I’ve looked for an easy way to bring out multiple barcodes at once but can’t find a solution. I’ve seen where people have used the automated email to send it and print from there, but I’m dealing with anywhere from 1-16 individual barcodes at a time and don’t want 16 different emails. Is there a way to pull the image from the virtual columns that have the barcode and bring it back into sheets to print off

“and don’t want 16 different emails.”

Have you looked into an Appsheet Report, set to “for all rows in a table or slice”? That might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Not really I don’t want to be emailed daily either as this are always changing in the data I need barcodes for. It’s why I was hoping I could somehow pull the image from the virtual column and bring it into sheets so I can print them since there’s no way to print on appsheet, but I may be dreaming here.

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The challenge with Images is that they are a reference only. Not a blob or actual image sitting in the cell of data. An image column contains a reference to Google Drive, MSFT OneDrive, or a URL, or a few other types of pointers. So there’s nothing to “pull back into sheets” in the way you are hoping.

Except Smartsheet. That API and that data source does in fact store the image in the cell in the smartsheet grid/table.