Printing workflow for order PDF


I Would to ask if someone have same problem with me, I have made tabel purchase order and I would like create workflow related to new orders that have been input
I have create as following expessions :

but in order details show all list order from several order, not 1 purchase order should be a list of row order
is there anyone could help ?
Thank you


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Hi @Rondy_Afriyadi
Have you checked out this documentation ?


Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the link for help support related to Start end Expression,
I am not fully understand about this expression,
What I want I would like in my form for order details in multi row and state it for 1 purchase order
Currently the order details some like a list for whole child entries,

I have set workflow for adds only whenever I create purchase order will displays for order detail
but I have tried change the expression, it is still the same
Need help if anyone have same condition