Pro Plan Pricing

I’ve deployed my App which currently only two people are given access. The App is telling me I need a Pro Plan, I have added two licenses and thats all I need. But I am prompted by the app telling me I need 10 licenses. Why can’t I just have 2 as I need to build up the user list gradually. $100 per month is outside of my budget.


Did you white label it?

Please contact for help with this.

I didn’t white label it but this shows on my account page:

I have the Same problem before.
Refer to Steve’s Post Above.

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Thanks Jonathon.
I am waiting for a response from the email.

Thanks for the assistance.

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Do we know how long it takes for support to get in touch? I’ve not heard anything back yet.


Support typically responds same day, I believe. Sales isn’t quite as responsive. I’ve poked Sales internally; hopefully that’ll get you a response.

Thanks Steve

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I just noticed my app WAS marked as whitelabel…

Hi Dave,

Since you weren’t intending to set up a white label app, this would be a question for support. I see that one of our support staff has already responded to your email! Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Thanks William. It’s all sorted now, I untoggled the Whitelabel and I now have the best plan which I wanted from the start. I should have looked closer.

Kind Regards