Problem about the missing photo


Recently we encountered the problem about the missing photo.

This app is used to upload the picture to google drive, 4 users.

1.The type of this column in Appsheet is IMAGE, sometimes after user updated a new record, we got the below error:

2: Sometimes after user updated a new record, the value of Image column is blank.

Below is the normal status.


When the update is done, have you checked is the image name saved to the spreadsheet?

Hi Aleksi,

No, the value of image column is blank, and this column was already set to “Required” in App.

For example, a new record with 5 photos, but only 2 photo has been uploaded successfully, and other 3 columns are blank.

Your Google Drive is not full?

Sure, it’s unlimited license.

I would propose to send an email about this issue directly to

seems he have a same problem like me