Problem accessing app

Hi There

One of my users is consistently getting this error. What could be causing this and how can I fix it? At the moment she has to keep re-installing the app.

Has she uninstalled and reinstalled the Appsheet app from Google Play already?

Yes that is the only way to get it right, but not ideal if this keeps happening. What is the error message indicating? Network error?

Yes, it is annoying, but the origin of such an error varies , use case of device by each different individual. It is applicable to all the apps, so not specific issue to Appsheet only, but app sometimes breaks up. Uninstall/install is kinda of difficult decision for App creator, as your app USER is reluctant to do it.
Majority of those problems are solved by clearing cache user devices. The cache data within browser on user device is not coming only from Appsheet app, but from any other sources. At the end of the day, errors or misbehavior does happen particularly to an user only.

I do have issue and support request from my app user, and always ask to clear cache first and test, then majority of the problem is also “cleared”.
The last resort is to ask uninstall/reinstall, but as far as that problem solve the problem, I think we are lucky.

My private humble opinion.

Have you considered the possibility that there’s something wrong with the phone itself? Low memory? Low storage? Poor network connection? Bad VPN? Malware? Is the device fully updated?