Problem contacting Sales for Business Subscription

Has anyone else had problems reaching anyone from support? I’m an AppSheet Partner, but I can’t get a reply from, or And I’ve tried the embedded form on the website several times.

I would really appreciate a reply from anyone at AppSheet so I can upgrade my client to a Business Subscription.

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@Peter, @praveen

Thanks @Steve! I just got a reply via email.

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@GreenFlux sorry for the delay! Besides the emails, mind sharing what form you filled out? Will make sure we get in touch quicker next time.


Thanks @Peter. It was this form:

I get zilch despite numerous emails to the Sales team.

Happy to pay (and that’s what I’m querying about the details) but it’s frustrating to not go forward with appsheet due to non existent support / reply.


Something wrong is happening on your desks…,.


I’m facing same problem filled in forms tried to contact sales multiple times with no feedback.

@Steve i would appreciate your support in this regard, as this is critical to my business.

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I escalated this internally. I’m told Sales will reach out to you soon.

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Many thanks for your support and fast feedback.

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