Problem displaying related records properly in Workflow Email attachment

The main table “ServiceLog” has “Related EstimateItems” virtual column (REF) to records in the table “EstimateItems” which has a column named “ServiceLog” which is (REF).
This works well within the app, however, I am unable to display the 'Related EstimateItems" properly in a workflow email attachment (PDF) using a Google Docs template. I need each related record (for ServiceLog 10637) to display one line per record in the attachment, similar to :

Description , Quantity , Amount
Item 1 10637 , 1.00 , $29.78
Item 2 10637 , 5.00 , $12.50
Item 3 10637 , 1.00 , $296.20

EstimateItems table :

Template expression :

<<Start:EstimateItems[ServiceLog]>> <<EstimateItems[Description]>> <<End>>

( the last section is showing <> instead of the word END between << and >> )

Result : image

From where you are trying to trigger the workflow? From the parent (ServiceLog) of from the child (EstimateItems)?


From the parent “ServiceLog”.
While editing record 10637 in the ServiceLog form, upon saving the record, a workflow will be triggered and send an email with attachment. I would like for the 'Related ExpenseItems" records to be included on the attachment.

Do I need to provide more information ?

Your template should look something like this:

  • <<Start: [Related EstimateItems]>><<[Description]>>
  • <<[Quantity]>>
  • <<[Amount]>><<End>>

Thank you Steve. That works well.

I have one more request.

Is there a way to show the Sum of the “Amount” of the three records as a “Total Amount” on the document template ?

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  • <<SUM([Related EstimateItems][Amount)>>
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Thank you very much Steve.

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